Monday, April 19, 2010

“Southern Truths featuring John Patton Jr” Online Comic Sneak Preview!

The world of A Genesis Found is growing this Fall with the launch of Southern Truths featuring John Patton Jr, a bi-weekly online comic strip that begins where the film left off.

Years have past, but John Patton Jr. hasn’t shaken the burden he unearthed in Moundville. Through War, Love and Loss, John’s successes are overmatched by the secret- the discovery- he fears he can never explain. War Hero, Archaeologist, and Husband & Father—the best years of John’s life are put at peril by mounting obsession and his quest to get back what was took.

John’s search for God carries him through Ball Turret service in the Pacific War, and continues with his rise to prominence as one of the most important archaeologists of his day. But in science he can find no answers- until he’s willing to put it all on the line for the hunt of a mythical ancestor, “The Itinerant Man”—John’s last chance to explain away what he found, and reclaim what he lost.

Scripted by A Genesis Found scribe Lee Fanning, and inked by newcomer Kevin Maggard, follow the bi-weekly serial free online at!

Coming Fall 2010 from Wonder Mill Films

Though the strip doesn’t officially launch until Fall 2010, we’re releasing the prologue strip early. Check out this special Sneak Preview here!

To help spread awareness about the upcoming serial, we’ve also put together a Motion Comic of this Sneak Preview strip, narrated by John Patton Jr. himself, Bennett Parker. Check it out!