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Audition Info to Know



In 1938, while working at an excavation at Moundville Archaeological Park, Civilian Conservation Corp cadet John Patton Jr. found the key to our darkest secret-- an anomalous skeleton that's neither animal nor man. Uncertain of it's implications, Patton concealed the secret for forty years-- until finally revealing it to the world in a sensational novel that would make him notorious world wide. Claiming the skeleton

was proof of not only the existence of extraterrestrials, but also of their involvement in the evolution of the human race, the novel ruined not only his accomplished career as an anthropologist, but also the respect of his family.


Nearly thirty years later, his grandson Gardner, an anthropology student at the University of Alabama, finds himself forced to come to terms with his grandfather's past, a man he never knew but in who's footsteps he inevitably follows. When his cousin, controversial documentary filmmaker Bart Thompson, arrives at Moundville for a seemingly routine shoot, Gardner is eager to help him and his ragtag crew. He soon learns, however, that Bart isn't there just to shoot a movie-- he wants to find the skeleton their grandfather buried nearly seventy years before, and prove once and for all what he claimed was true.


A Genesis Found is an adventure to the heart of one man's quest to understand his beliefs, his purpose, and his heritage. Intriguing, exciting and original, A Genesis Found is a fast-paced, complex mystery, and a probing study of man's connection to nature, to one another, and to God.




  • Gardner Patton (Lead Role – Men, 17-30) is an affable anthropology student from the University of Alabama.
  • Bart Thompson (Lead Role – Men and Women, 20-35) is a down-on-his-luck Documentary filmmaker with strong political opinions.  Also very conscious of his southern roots.
  • Kelsey West (Lead Role – Women, 17-30) is a smart and affable anthropology student at the University of Alabama.
  • Dr. Kevin McClean (Supporting Role – Men and Women, 30-70) is a respected (though somewhat “out there”) professor of Anthropology on sabbatical.
  • John Patton Jr. (Lead Role – Men, 17-30) is an affable cadet in the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1938.  Has a strong personal interest in anthropology.
  • Tim Shaw (Supporting Role – Men, 17-30) is a superstitious yet affable cadet in the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1938.
  • Dr. Walter Jones (Supporting Role – Men, 30-70) is an enthusiastic and respected Archaeologist.  Chief of the dig at Moundville Archaeological Park.
  • Dr. Kerry Sims (Supporting Role – Men and Women, 30-70) is an affable, young spirited professor in Anthropology.  Professor of the University of Alabama’s Archaeological field school. 




The film will be shot May through July, over the course of nine weekends and one full week in late June.  We will primarily be shooting in Huntsville, Alabama, with three days at Moundville Archaeological Park in Moundville, Alabama.  The initial table read will be in early March in Huntsville, with rehearsals throughout weekends in April (location TBA).  ADR and Reshoots may be necessary, and are scheduled for early August.


Payment is DEFERRED, so this should be considered a volunteer, resume-building opportunity.  Our deferred rates are based on SAG Indie requirements for Micro Budget Features and will be worked out in detail with the cast prior to the shoot.


SAG members are welcome to audition, though unfortunately non-SAG will NOT receive SAG points for work on this production.


Call Backs are February 23 at The Dwelling Place gymnasium in Huntsville (2550 Redstone Rd).  You will be contacted by February 18.


Unfortunately due to budget restrictions, most transportation costs CAN NOT be reimbursed.  Carpools will be organized for cast/crew in similar locations, however, and extreme cases will. 


The film will be shot in High Definition DV on the Panasonic AG-HVX200.




Each audition will be video taped for future reference by the Producers.  By auditioning you grant us permission to record your performance and use it in our casting considerations.


Stay Updated:


For updates, visit our informal production blog at  For questions or comments, please contact the Producers through e-mail at

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CW Article

Corey Craft wrote a great article about the film for the University of Alabama's paper "The Crimson White".  It's primarily promoting our auditions there this weekend, but it does get into some of the creative aspects of the film and has a great synopsis.  Check it out.

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